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Full Fishing Guide Service in Willis TX

At Wethook Guide Service, we’re all about making fishing and lake tours not just an activity but a memorable adventure. Imagine spending a sunny day, surrounded by water and nature, reeling in fish after fish.That’s what we offer. With over two decades of experience on this lake, Carl Bostick and his team have hosted thousands of trips, welcoming back 90% of our friends year after year. It’s not just about the numbers of fish you catch (though we’re pretty proud of our high catch rates); it’s about the smiles, the laughs, and the stories you’ll tell long after. We’ve successfully guided over 5,000 trips, ensuring everyone from first-timers to seasoned anglers has a great time.

Our services are designed for everyone. Whether you’re an individual looking for a peaceful day of fishing, a family wanting to create lasting memories, or a company planning a unique team-building event, we’ve got you covered. Our 25ft pontoon boat, Miss Donna, is the perfect vessel for exploring Lake Conroe, offering comfort and safety.We take care of everything – from safety gear to fishing equipment. All you need is a Texas Fishing License, and even that’s not required on the first Saturday in June. We strive to make your fishing or lake tour as easy and enjoyable as possible because, at Wethook Guide Service, we’re not just guiding; we’re sharing our love for the water with you.

Fish, Fun, and More

What sets Wethook Guide Service apart isn’t just our expertise in finding the best fishing spots on Lake Conroe; it’s how we make every trip special. From the moment you step aboard the Miss Donna, you’ll feel the difference. Our approach combines the best of traditional techniques with the latest insights in fishing.We constantly update our methods and gear to ensure you have the best chance of catching fish, whether you’re here for a half-day or a full day on the water. Our services go beyond fishing—we offer bird watching and lake tours that showcase the natural beauty of Lake Conroe, making each trip a unique experience.

Dealing with common concerns like where to find fish or how to handle the gear, we’ve got it all under control. Our team is skilled in guiding you through the process, whether it’s your first time holding a fishing rod or you’re a seasoned pro looking to land the big one.We also know that things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we’re flexible and ready to adjust to ensure your day is enjoyable. Bad weather? We have a fair refund policy. Special requests? We love accommodating them. With us, it’s not just a day out on the lake; it’s an adventure where you’re guaranteed to have fun, relax, and maybe even fill up that freezer with fish, just like Carl’s.

Fish, Fun, and More

Why Choose Us

Family Friendly

People of all ages are invited to have fun on our tours. For kids, we guarantee a pleasant, safe, and instructive atmosphere that’s ideal for family vacations.

Eco-Conscious Approach

Our tours and fishing practices are designed to minimize environmental impact, preserving the beauty of Lake Conroe for future generations.

Personalized Experience

Each package we offer is customized to our clients’ interests and skill levels. Regardless of your experience, we design a trip specifically for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don't! We provide all the safety and fishing gear needed for your trip. Just bring yourself and be ready for an adventure.
A Texas Fishing License is required for passengers ages 17 and older, except on the first Saturday in June, when it's not needed.
Absolutely! Our trips are family-friendly, and we ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for children under the supervision of adults.
Miss Donna, our 25ft pontoon boat, comfortably holds up to 6 passengers, not including the captain and deckhand when necessary.